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    Raynox Healthcare pcd pharma franchise company is dedicated to ensuring the delivery of safe and effective products to consumers, an integral aspect of our organizational Purpose and Mission. Our products are manufactured in GMP-certified plants and produced in strict compliance with applicable quality regulations, codes, and standards. The manufacturing and quality control processes are executed under the direct supervision of competent technical staff possessing the prescribed qualifications and practical experience in the relevant dosage form. Written duties of technical and Quality Control personnel are meticulously established and strictly adhered to. All personnel involved wear clean body coverings appropriate to their designated duties. There is a robust system in place for effective oversight of any third party engaged in activities on behalf of Raynox Healthcare, ensuring that our commitment to quality and safety is upheld throughout the entire production process .
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    During the hiring process, we seek individuals with significant expertise and industrial experience, harnessing their credentials for optimal contribution. Our commitment extends beyond recruitment; our team members undergo regular training through development programs. These initiatives are designed to keep our workforce informed about the latest advancements, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry knowledge.

    Our Vendor Base

    We maintain a strong and reliable partnership with top-tier vendors. To ensure the selection of the most suitable vendors, we conduct thorough scrutiny to guarantee the highest quality production of goods. Rigorous quality checking and testing protocols are implemented at our warehouses prior to the final dispatch, ensuring that only products meeting our stringent standards are delivered.

    Digital Laboratory

    We at Raynox Health care privately limited believe the same. if you are healthy in mind and body, there is no hindrance in your life, career, etc. Raynox healthcare is an emerging pharmaceutical company in India.

    24/7 Emergency Care

    The Organization is built to provide the best medical services to cure patients, fulfil market needs from time to time and coping up with regional requirements. Founder members of Raynox claim to be on the list of Top pharmaceutical companies in India.



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